1251 Asset Management

We are an experienced partner who can provide the distribution capabilities and resources necessary to accelerate growth and maximize profitability. We empower our affiliate management teams to build enduring businesses that achieve their full potential while maintaining an independent and entrepreneurial culture.

How we add value

Management Independence

Our Affiliates maintain control over their investment function, culture and brand.

Distribution Support

With over 30+ years of executive sales and marketing experience at major asset managers, 1251 will offer to its Affiliates the expertise and central resources to expand distribution and grow sales & marketing capabilities.

Permanent Capital

We are a permanent capital partner committed to supporting long term strategic goals and succession activities.

Strategic Leadership

We can help with strategic initiatives such as team lift outs and acquisitions.

Investment Criteria

Active management focus with proven long term investment track record of strong risk-adjusted outperformance

Capacity for sustained growth and desire to align with experienced partner

Management fee dominant business models in differentiated asset classes and strategies

Looking to transform your business, fund growth initiatives or acquisitions, or facilitate succession planning?

  • Product Development
  • Operational Support
  • Acquisitions
  • Ownership Transition